Targeted therapy

What is targeted therapy?

If we use the analogy of pesticides: empiric therapy would be "Raid" while targeted therapy is the "Roach Hotel." - Dr. David Gandara

A "smart" bomb versus a "cluster" bomb - Dr. Nevin Murray

With targeted therapy the specific mechanism of action of the drug results in an increase in its therapeutic index.

However, the advantages of the specificity and safety of the are offset by the smaller number of susceptible tumour types.

Increasing numbers of these innovative and expensive anti-cancer drugs may exceed the capacity of the public purse to pay for them.

There is a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer.

Conventional cytotoxic drugs interact with DNA to prevent cell replication but are not specific to cancer cells.

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Targeted Therapy in Oncology


Identify agents that target tumor-specific molecules, thus sparing normal cells.

Identify ideal drug target